ATM Parts Supply

Techbite are a leading supplier of ATM modules and spares, and help hundreds of customers in India to source their Multivendors like NCR, Wincor and Diebold parts.

Techbite are able to supply parts and modules for all NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs


Our approach to availability is simple. We work with our customers to understand their requirements and establish competitive SLAs on the items they need the most. This customer-centric approach to availability means we have a constant supply of parts based on our anticipation of their requirements.

New Technology

Techbite’s leading purchasing team are experts in the sourcing of ATM parts and spares, and over the past 25 years have built up a formidable network of vendors that can allow us to offer high availability on difficult to obtain parts.

Technical Support

Techbite offer an unparalleled level of technical support by calling our technical support teams 24*7.



With major operations in India, as well as an advanced logistics network built up over 25 years, we are able to use our network to distribute any ATM part to anywhere in the world, without punishing lead times and overbearing high costs.


  • All parts are sold to the OEM standards or above
  • Guaranteed levels of availability
  • Fast delivery times
  • Able to provide latest technology from Multivendors