Technical Repair Centre

Techbite have been supporting customers with their ATM module repair needs for over 25 years. Supporting Multivendors like NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs from our repair facilities in India , we understand the challenges of maintaining an ATM estate, and have built up our repair service specifically to address those needs and make life easy for our customers.Repair of Re-Workable parts like EPP, SMPS, Motherboard, Pick modules , presenters, cassettes etc at competitive price.

A Part

More Than Just A Repair

Our repair processes have been constantly developed over the last 25+ years to maximize reliability and drive down costs. In order to ensure maximum reliability, every part we repair is stripped down, inspected and has preventative maintenance carried out on it.

In many cases, this preventative maintenance prescribes the mandatory changing of certain parts that would otherwise tend to lead to early-life failures.