Second Level Maintence

We take a proactive approach to second Line Hardware Maintenance which includes the diagnosing of issues and the repair or replacement of malfunctioning components during normal calls. By performing multiple preventive maintenance visits per year, we find potential issues before the component failure. We replace consumable parts, clean, lubricate, calibrate, and test all of the components to ensure proper functionality. Our technicians are trained to work on NCR, Diebold and Wincor ATMs.

Time and material Support

Maintenance of ATM/BNA by ensuring product skilled Engineers. Chargeable calls like cassette configuration, IP change, ATM part replacements etc.

Recovering Glue stuck EPP

We service EPPs tampered at site with unique methodology onsite. For onsite service Techbite would carry a good EPP and replace at site and repair the defective at our TRC. This ensures quick TAT for such calls.

Basic Line Maintenance

Basic Line Maintenance (BLM) is a unique , innovative solution offered to improve ATM uptime and availability. All calls which does not require ATM chest access can be classified as BLM calls. Since custodians usually attend calls during cash loading time, considerable time is lost making ATM up. BLM services can help improve overall ATM availability.

Parts Sale

We Supply cassettes,ATM/BNA Consumables, ATM parts (new and refurbished), SNG locks, other minor parts like feed shaft, belts etc in small or large quantities.

Innovative solutions and KITs

We supply locks/lock assembly with unique keys for ATM and BNA. Our EPP shield for NCR ATMs protects ATM from tampering. We also supply various upgrade kits for ATM . We offer cheap solutions for anti skimming on cardreaders for various ATMs.