Maintenance Enablement


Techbite’s ATM Maintenance Enablement service provides our customers with the tools needed to quickly enter the ATM Maintenance business. Using our extensive range of ATM services, you can now start bidding on maintenance contracts without having to develop extra competencies that would normally take significant time and money to establish yourself.

Our purchasing and logistics teams have over 25 years of experience working with ATM parts

The elements required to enter the ATM Maintenance business are:

  • Competent field engineers
  • Initial seed parts inventory
  • Inventory management system
  • Workshop repair capability
  • Logistics

Competent Field Engineers

Techbite have successfully trained hundreds of ATM Engineers in india to carry out First & Second line maintenance on NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs.

All training is backed up with training materials for further reference and regular assessments of each individuals performance. (Read More)

Initial Seed Inventory

Based on our knowledge of part failure rates and the profile of your ATM estate, our technical support teams will be able to determine exactly which parts will be required in your initial seed inventory. Once agreement has been reached, our inventory planning team will source the parts and ensure they are all optimally located.

Because we understand that each client’s requirements are different, we make sure to tailor our planning to ensure their service levels can be achieved from the very beginning. (Read More)

Inventory Management System

Our inventory management system has been built from the ground up to optimise the processing and distribution of ATM modules and parts. This ensures we always have the right part, in the right place at the right time.

Our highly trained technicians are experts at repairing ATM parts manufactured by NCR, Wincor and Diebold

Repair Services

Our repair service can be set up in country or use our existing locations (depending on volumes and logistical options). However all Techbite’s processes and systems will be implemented to ensure high reliability and fast turnaround thereby optimizing inventory levels. (Read More)

Our advanced logistics network is able to move parts around the world, at low cost and with short lead times


As well as holding the right amount of inventory, it is critical that parts can be moved quickly to where they are needed. Using our network of logistics partners, we are able to provide fast and cost effective movement of parts.


  • Support of NCR, Wincor & Diebold ATM estates
  • Single source for providing complete ATM Maintenance capability
  • Independent of any manufacturer
  • Proven track record
  • Short lead time to enter the ATM Maintenance market
  • Support of the latest ATM technology